What happens in Montestigliano

Art in the Granary - Il Bianco di Vincenzo Rusciano


Vincenzo Rusciano was born in Naples in 1973. He studied at the Art Accademy of Naples. He works with many International art galleries and he collaborates with famous contemporary artists like Richard Prince, Jack Pierson, Nan Goldin, John Baldessarri, Laurie Simmons, Damien Hirst and Carsten Höller. Those collaborations and the friendship that has come out from those contacts, it has unable Vincenzo to grow as an artist and to dedicate the majority of his creativity to the sculpture.

Here in Montestigliano his work is dedicated to drawing installations and grafic. The exhibition has been made especially for this Granary and his drawings on white with mix technics and collage want to express his idea of precariousness of human life and the magic balance that men and objects have in this world. The never ending research of an eternal and peaceful equilibrium as it is in this ancient granary with his bended floors and his old decadent walls, it can tell us many stories and all this imperfection becomes a beauty of perfection. 




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